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Buick Regal: Parking Assist

If equipped, Rear Parking Assist (RPA) uses sensors on the rear bumper to assist with parking and avoiding objects while in R (Reverse). It operates at speeds less than 8 km/h (5 mph). RPA may show a warning triangle on the infotainment display and a graphic on the instrument cluster to provide the object distance. In addition, multiple beeps may occur if very close to an object.

The vehicle may also have the Front Parking Assist system.

Power Outlets

The 12-volt power outlets can be

The 12-volt power outlets can be used to plug in electrical equipment, such as a cell phone or MP3 player.

The vehicle may have accessory power outlets:

  • Below the climate controls.
  • In the cargo area, if equipped.

The outlet is powered when the ignition is on or in ACC/ ACCESSORY, or until the driver door is opened within 10 minutes of turning off the vehicle.

Universal Remote System

If available, this system provides a

If available, this system provides a way to replace up to three remote control transmitters used to activate devices such as garage door openers, security systems, and home automation devices.

Read the instructions completely before attempting to program the Universal Remote system. Because of the steps involved, it may be helpful to have another person available to assist you with programming the Universal Remote system.



    If equipped, the sunroof only operates when the ignition is on or in ACC/ACCESSORY, or when Retained Accessory Power (RAP) is active. Sunroof Switch The vehicle may have one of two different switch

     Performance and Maintenance

     Traction Control/Electronic Stability Control

    The Traction Control System (TCS) limits wheel slip. The system turns on automatically every time the vehicle is started. The StabiliTrak system assists with directional control of the vehicle in dif


     HUD Views

    There are four views in the HUD. Some vehicle information and vehicle messages or alerts may be displayed in any view. Metric English Speed View : This display gives the speedometer reading (in English or metric units), Adaptive Cruise Control and set speed, Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keep Assis

     Inside Air Temperature Sensor Replacement - Left Side Upper

    1. Instrument Panel Assembly - Remove. 2. Temperature Valve Actuator - Left Side - Remove. 3. Mode Control Cam Actuator - Remove. 4. Mode Control Cam Actuator Mounting Plate - Remove. 5. Mode Valve Lever(1) - Remove. 6. Mode Control Cam(1) - Remove. 7. Inside Air Temperature Sensor - Left Si

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