Buick Regal Owners & Service Manuals
Buick Regal 2018-2024 Service Manual

Buick Regal 2018-2024 Service Manual

The Buick Regal Service Manual is a valuable reference that provides in-depth information on servicing and repairing the Buick Regal. It covers essential areas such as the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, electrical system, HVAC, and body components. With clear instructions, diagrams, and specifications, the manual assists technicians and enthusiasts in performing maintenance tasks and resolving issues effectively, ensuring the smooth functioning of the vehicle.


 General Information

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 Engine Oil

To ensure proper engine performance and long life, careful attention must be paid to engine oil. Following these simple, but important steps will help protect your investment: Use engine oil approved to the proper specification and of the proper viscosity grade. See "Selecting the Right Engine

 Special Tools and Equipment

SPECIAL TOOLS DT-45866 J-45866 Input Shaft Seal Installer EN-8062 J-8062 KM-348 Valve Spring Compressor - Head Off EN-8087 J-8087 Cylinder Bore Gauge EN-21867-850 J-21867-850 KM-498-B KM-6106 83 93 852 Oil Pressure Gauge Adapter EN-22738-B GE-22738-B J-22738-B J-9666 Valve Spring Tester EN-2395

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