Buick Regal Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Regal: Comfort and Convenience

Touch and the following may display:

  • Auto Memory Recall
  • Easy Exit Driver Seat
  • Chime Volume
  • Hands Free Liftgate Control
  • Reverse Tilt Mirror
  • Extended Hill Start Assist
  • Auto Wipe in Reverse Gear

Auto Memory Recall

This feature automatically recalls the current driver's previously stored 1 or 2 button positions when the ignition is changed from off to on or ACC/ACCESSORY.

Touch Off or On.

Easy Exit Driver Seat

This feature automatically moves the driver seat rearward when exiting the vehicle.

Touch Off or On.

Chime Volume

This determines the chime volume level.

Touch the controls on the infotainment display to adjust the volume.

Hands Free Liftgate Control

The liftgate may be operated with a kicking motion under the rear bumper. Touch Off, On-Open and Close, or On-Open Only.

Reverse Tilt Mirror

When on, the driver and/or passenger mirrors will tilt downward when the vehicle is shifted to R (Reverse) to improve visibility of the ground near the rear wheels.

They will return to their previous driving position when the vehicle is shifted out of R (Reverse) or the engine is turned off.

Touch Off, On - Driver and Passenger, On - Driver, or On - Passenger.

Extended Hill Start Assist

This allows the duration of the Hill Start Assist to be changed.

Touch Extended Hold or Standard Hold.

Auto Wipe in Reverse Gear

Select to set the Auto Wipe in Reverse Gear feature on or off.

When on, and the front wipers are on, the rear window wiper will turn on automatically when the vehicle is shifted into R (Reverse).

Touch Off or On.



    Touch and the following may display: Vehicle Locator Lights Exit Lighting Left or Right Hand Traffic Adaptive Forward Lighting Vehicle Locator Lights This feature will flash the exterior lamps a

     Power Door Locks

    Touch and the following may display: Open Door Anti Lockout Auto Door Unlock Delayed Door Lock Open Door Anti Lock Out When on, this feature will keep the driver door from locking when the door i

     Universal Remote System


     Universal Remote System Operation

    Using the Universal Remote System Press and hold the appropriate Universal Remote system button for at least one-half second. The indicator light will come on while the signal is being transmitted. Erasing Universal Remote System Buttons Erase all programmed buttons when vehicle ownership is termina

     Cargo Cover

    Warning: An unsecured cargo cover could strike people in a sudden stop or turn, or in a crash. Store the cargo cover securely or remove it from the vehicle. Warning: Do not place objects on the cargo cover. Sudden stops or turns can cause objects to be thrown in the vehicle. You or others could be i

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