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Buick Regal: Global Positioning System (GPS)

  • Obstruction of the GPS can occur in a large city with tall buildings; in parking garages; around airports; in tunnels and underpasses; or in an area with very dense trees. If GPS signals are not available, the OnStar system should still operate to call OnStar. However, OnStar could have difficulty identifying the exact location.
  • In emergency situations, OnStar can use the last stored GPS location to send to emergency responders.

A temporary loss of GPS can cause loss of the ability to send a Turn-by-Turn Navigation route. The Advisor may give a verbal route or may ask for a call back after the vehicle is driven into an open area.

Cellular and GPS Antennas

Cellular reception is required for OnStar to send remote signals to the vehicle. Do not place items over or near the antenna to prevent blocking cellular and GPS signal reception.

Unable to Connect to OnStar Message

If there is limited cellular coverage or the cellular network has reached maximum capacity, this message may come on. Press call again or try again after driving a to try the call again or try again after driving a few miles into another cellular area.

Vehicle and Power Issues

OnStar services require a vehicle electrical system, wireless service, and GPS satellite technologies to be available and operating for features to function properly. These systems may not operate if the battery is discharged or disconnected.

Add-on Electrical Equipment

The OnStar system is integrated into the electrical architecture of the vehicle. Do not add any electrical equipment. Added electrical equipment may interfere with the operation of the OnStar system and cause it to not operate.

Vehicle Software Updates

OnStar or GM may remotely deliver software updates or changes to the vehicle without further notice or consent. These updates or changes may enhance or maintain safety, security, or the operation of the vehicle or the vehicle systems.

Software updates or changes may affect or erase data or settings that are stored in the vehicle, such as OnStar Hands-Free Calling name tags, saved navigation destinations, or pre-set radio stations. Neither OnStar nor GM is responsible for any affected or erased data or settings. These updates or changes may also collect personal information. Such collection is described in the OnStar privacy statement or separately disclosed at the time of installation. These updates or changes may also cause a system to automatically communicate with GM servers to collect information about vehicle system status, identify whether updates or changes are available, or deliver updates or changes. An active OnStar agreement constitutes consent to these software updates or changes and agreement that either OnStar or GM may remotely deliver them to the vehicle.


The complete OnStar Privacy Statement may be found at www.onstar.com (U.S.), or www.onstar.ca (Canada). We recommend that you review it. If you have any questions, call 1-888-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) or press to speak with an Advisor. Users of wireless communications are cautioned that to speak with an Advisor. Users of wireless communications are cautioned that the privacy of any information sent via wireless cellular communications cannot be assured. Third parties may unlawfully intercept or access transmissions and private communications without consent.

OnStar - Software Acknowledgements

Certain OnStar components include libcurl and unzip software and other third party software. Below are the notices and licenses associated with libcurl and unzip and for other third party software please see http:// opensource.lge.com/index.



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