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Buick Regal: Hands-Free Operation

If equipped, the liftgate may be

If equipped, the liftgate may be operated with a kicking motion under the projected logo. The RKE transmitter must be within 1 m (3 ft).

The hands-free feature will not work while the liftgate is moving. To stop the liftgate while in motion use one of the liftgate switches.

The hands-free feature can be customized.

Choose from the following:

On-Open and Close : The kicking motion is activated to both open and close the liftgate.

On-Open Only : The kicking motion is activated to only open the liftgate.

Off : The feature is disabled.

Kick Zone

To operate, kick your foot straight up in one swift motion under the rear bumper, then pull it back.

Caution: Splashing water may cause the liftgate to open. Keep the RKE transmitter away from the rear bumper detection area or turn the liftgate mode to OFF when cleaning or working near the rear bumper to avoid accidental opening.

  • Do not sweep your foot side to side.
  • Do not keep your foot under the bumper; the liftgate will not activate.
  • Do not touch the liftgate until it has stopped moving.

This feature may be temporarily disabled under some conditions.

If the liftgate does not respond to the kick, open or close the liftgate by another method or start the vehicle. The feature will be re-enabled.

When closing the liftgate using this feature, there will be a short delay.

The taillamps will flash and a chime will sound.

Step away from the liftgate before it starts moving.

Projected Logo

If equipped with this feature, a vehicle logo will be projected for one minute onto the ground near the rear bumper when an RKE transmitter is detected within approximately 2 m (6 ft).

  1. 1 m (3 ft) Hands-Free Operation Detection Zone
  2. 2 m (6 ft) Projected Logo Detection Zone

The projected logo shows where the kicking motion is to take place.

The projected logo will only be available for this RKE transmitter after it has been out of range for at least 20 seconds.

If an RKE transmitter is again detected within approximately 2 m (6 ft) of the liftgate, or another hands-free operation has been detected, the one-minute timer will be reset.

The projected logo will not work under these conditions:

  • The vehicle battery is low.
  • The transmission is not in P (Park).
  • Hands Free Liftgate Operation is set to OFF in vehicle personalization.
  • Power liftgate is turned off.
  • The vehicle remains parked for 72 hours or more, with no RKE transmitter use or Keyless Access operation. To re-enable, press any button on the RKE transmitter or open and close a vehicle door.

The projected logo will not work for a single RKE transmitter when a transmitter:

  • Has been left within approximately 5 m (15 ft) of the liftgate for several minutes.
  • Has been left inside the vehicle and all vehicle doors are closed.
  • Has approached the area outside of the liftgate five times within 10 minutes.

Hands Free Liftgate and Projected Logo Availability

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