Buick Regal Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Regal: Vehicle Security


 Vehicle Alarm System

Anti-Theft Locking System Warning: Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle! The doors cannot be unlocked or opened from the inside. The vehicle is equipped with a deadbolt locking fea

 Immobilizer Operation

This vehicle has a passive theft-deterrent system. The system does not have to be manually armed or disarmed. The vehicle is automatically immobilized when the transmitter leaves the vehicle. The i

 Exterior Mirrors


 Climate Controls

Dual Automatic Climate Control System The climate control buttons on the center stack and on the climate control display are used to adjust the heating, cooling, and ventilation. Center Stack Climate Controls Driver and Passenger Temperature Displays Driver and Passenger Temperature Controls

 Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Inlet Pipe Replacement (3.6L LGX)

Removal Procedure 1. Drain the cooling system. 2. Engine Rear Noise Shield - Remove. 3. Radiator Inlet Hose Clamp (1) - Disengage. 4. Radiator Inlet Hose (2) - Disconnect. 5. Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Inlet Pipe Bolt (3) - Remove. 6. Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Inlet Pipe (1) -

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