Buick Regal Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Regal: HUD Views

There are four views in the HUD.

Some vehicle information and vehicle messages or alerts may be displayed in any view.

Metric Metric

English English

Speed View : This display gives the speedometer reading (in English or metric units), Adaptive Cruise Control and set speed, Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keep Assist, pedestrian alert, and vehicle ahead indicator. Some information only appears on vehicles that have these features, and when they are active.

Metric Metric

English English

Audio/Phone View : This display includes the information in speed view along with audio/phone information. The current radio station, media type, and incoming calls will be displayed.

All HUD views may briefly display audio information when the steering wheel controls are used to adjust the audio settings appearing in the instrument cluster.

Incoming phone calls appearing in the instrument cluster may also display in any HUD view.

Metric Metric

English English

Navigation View : This display includes the information in speed view along with Turn-by-Turn Navigation information. The compass heading is displayed when navigation routing is not active.

Navigation Turn-by-Turn Alerts shown in the instrument cluster may also be displayed in any HUD view.

Metric Metric

English English

Performance View : This display gives the speedometer reading (in English or metric units), rpm reading, transmission positions, and gear shift indicator, if equipped.

Care of the HUD

Clean the inside of the windshield as needed to remove any dirt or film that could reduce the sharpness or clarity of the HUD image.

Clean the HUD lens with a soft cloth sprayed with glass cleaner. Wipe the lens gently, then dry it.

If You Cannot See the HUD Image When the Ignition Is On

Check that:

  • Nothing is covering the HUD lens.
  • HUD brightness setting is not too dim or too bright.
  • HUD is adjusted to the proper height.
  • Polarized sunglasses are not worn.
  • Windshield and HUD lens are clean.

If the HUD image is not correct, contact your dealer.

The windshield is part of the HUD system.


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