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Buick Regal: Memory Features

If equipped, memory seats allow two

If equipped, memory seats allow two drivers to save and recall their unique seat positions for driving the vehicle, and a shared exit position for getting out of the vehicle. Other feature positions may also be saved, such as power mirrors and power steering wheel, if equipped.

Memory positions are linked to RKE transmitter 1 or 2 for automatic memory recalls.

Before saving, adjust all available memory feature positions. Turn the ignition on and then press and release SET; a beep will sound.

Then immediately press and hold 1, 2, or (Exit) until two beeps (Exit) until two beeps sound. To manually recall these positions, press and hold 1, 2, or until the saved position is reached. until the saved position is reached.

When Auto Memory Recall is enabled in vehicle personalization, positions previously saved to memory buttons 1 and 2 are recalled when the ignition is changed from off to on or ACC/ ACCESSORY.

When Easy Exit Options is enabled in vehicle personalization, the feature automatically recalls the previously saved exit position when exiting the vehicle.

Memory adjustments may not be available upon delivery or after service until steps in "Saving Memory Positions" section are performed.

Heated and Ventilated Seats

If equipped, the buttons are near the

If equipped, the buttons are near the climate controls on the center stack.

To operate, the ignition must be on.

Press to heat the driver or or passenger seat cushion. to heat the driver or passenger seat cushion.

Press to ventilate the driver or or passenger seat. to ventilate the driver or passenger seat.

Press the button once for the highest setting. With each press of the button, the seat will change to the next lower setting, and then to the off setting. The indicator lights next to the buttons indicate three for the highest setting and one for the lowest. If the heated seats are on high, the level may automatically be lowered after approximately 30 minutes.

Head Restraint Adjustment

Do not drive until the head restraints for all occupants are installed and adjusted properly.

To achieve a comfortable seating position, change the seatback recline angle as little as necessary while keeping the seat and the head restraint height in the proper position.


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