Buick Regal Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Regal: Mirror Adjustment

Interior Mirrors


Adjust the rearview mirror for a clear

Adjust the rearview mirror for a clear view of the area behind your vehicle.

Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirror

The mirror automatically dims to reduce the glare of headlamps from behind. The dimming feature comes on when the vehicle is started.

Exterior Mirrors

To adjust a mirror:

To adjust a mirror:

1. Press to select the or driver or passenger mirror. to select the driver or passenger mirror.

2. Press the arrows on the control pad to move the selected mirror in the desired direction.

Folding Mirrors

The outside mirrors can be folded

The outside mirrors can be folded inward to prevent damage when going through an automatic car wash. Push the mirror outward to return it to the original position.

Steering Wheel Adjustment

To adjust the steering wheel:

To adjust the steering wheel:

1. Pull the lever down.

2. Move the steering wheel up or down.

3. Pull or push the steering wheel closer or away from you.

4. Pull the lever up to lock the steering wheel in place.

Do not adjust the steering wheel while driving.


     Interior Lighting

    Dome Lamps The dome lamp controls are in the overhead console. To operate, press the following buttons: OFF : Press to turn off the dome lamps when a door is open. An indicator light on the button

     Exterior Lighting

    The exterior lamp control is on the instrument panel to the left of the steering column. There are four positions. : Turns the exterior lamps off and deactivates the AUTO mode. Turn to again to r

     Windshield Wiper/Washer

    With the ignition on or in ACC/ ACCESSORY, move the windshield wiper lever to select the wiper speed. HI : Use for fast wipes. LO : Use for slow wipes. INT : Use for intermittent wipes. To adjust


     Afterblow Enabling

    Afterblow is a feature that dries the evaporator core by operating the blower motor after the engine is turned off. This aids in reducing microbial growth that can create undesirable odors. The vehicle does not come equipped with the afterblow feature turned on. If the afterblow feature is requi

     Seat Belts

    This section describes how to use seat belts properly, and some things not to do. Warning: Do not let anyone ride where a seat belt cannot be worn properly. In a crash, if you or your passenger(s) are not wearing seat belts, injuries can be much worse than if you are wearing seat belts. You can be

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