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Buick Regal: Traction Control/Electronic Stability Control

System Operation

The vehicle has a Traction Control System (TCS) and StabiliTrak, an electronic stability control system.

These systems help limit wheel slip and assist the driver in maintaining control, especially on slippery road conditions.

TCS activates if it senses that any of the drive wheels are spinning or beginning to lose traction. When this happens, TCS applies the brakes to the spinning wheels and reduces engine power to limit wheel spin.

StabiliTrak activates when the vehicle senses a difference between the intended path and the direction the vehicle is actually traveling.

StabiliTrak selectively applies braking pressure to any one of the vehicle wheel brakes to assist the driver in keeping the vehicle on the intended path.

If cruise control is being used and traction control or StabiliTrak begins to limit wheel spin, cruise control will disengage. Cruise control may be turned back on when road conditions allow.

Both systems come on automatically when the vehicle is started and begins to move. The systems may be heard or felt while they are operating or while performing diagnostic checks. This is normal and does not mean there is a problem with the vehicle.

It is recommended to leave both systems on for normal driving conditions, but it may be necessary to turn TCS off if the vehicle gets stuck in sand, mud, ice, or snow.

See If the Vehicle Is Stuck and "Turning the Systems Off and On" later in this section.

The indicator light for both systems

The indicator light for both systems is in the instrument cluster. This light will:

  • Flash when TCS is limiting wheel spin
  • Flash when StabiliTrak is activated
  • Turn on and stay on when either system is not working

If either system fails to turn on or to activate, a message displays in the Driver Information Center (DIC), and indicate that the system is inactive comes on and stays on to indicate that the system is inactive and is not assisting the driver in maintaining control. The vehicle is safe to drive, but driving should be adjusted accordingly.

If 1. Stop the vehicle. comes on and stays on:

1. Stop the vehicle.

2. Turn the engine off and wait 15 seconds.

3. Start the engine.

Drive the vehicle. If and stays on, the vehicle may need comes on and stays on, the vehicle may need more time to diagnose the problem.

If the condition persists, see your dealer.

Turning the Systems Off and On


Caution: Do not repeatedly brake or accelerate heavily when TCS is off. The vehicle driveline could be damaged.

To turn off only TCS, press and release displays in the. instrument cluster. The appropriate displays in the instrument cluster. The appropriate message may display in the DIC.

To turn TCS on again, press and release displayed in the. instrument cluster will turn off. displayed in the instrument cluster will turn off.

If TCS is limiting wheel spin when the TCS/StabiliTrak button is pressed, the system will not turn off until the wheels stop spinning.

To turn off both TCS and StabiliTrak, press and hold and until and come on and stay on in the come on and stay on in the instrument cluster. The appropriate message may display in the DIC.

To turn TCS and StabiliTrak on again, press and release and. in the instrument cluster turn and off. in the instrument cluster turn off.

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