Buick Regal Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Regal: Lumbar Adjustment

Four-Way Shown, Two-Way Four-Way Shown, Two-Way Similar

To adjust the lumbar support, if equipped:

  • Press and hold the front or rear of the control to increase or decrease lumbar support.
  • If equipped, press and hold the top or bottom of the control to raise or lower lumbar support.

Back Bolster Adjustment

To adjust the back bolster support,

To adjust the back bolster support, if equipped:

  • Press and hold the front of the control to decrease back bolster support.
  • Press and hold the rear of the control to increase back bolster support.

Thigh Support Adjustment

If equipped, pull up on the lever.

If equipped, pull up on the lever.

Then pull or push on the support to lengthen or shorten. Release the lever to lock in place.


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