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Buick Regal 2018-2023 Owners Manual / Seats and Restraints

Buick Regal: Seats and Restraints


 Head Restraints

If equipped with base seats, the vehicle's front seats have adjustable head restraints in the outboard seating positions. If equipped with GS Model seats, the vehicle's front seats have head restrain

 Front Seats

 Seat Adjustment

Manual Seats Warning: You can lose control of the vehicle if you try to adjust a driver seat while the vehicle is moving. Adjust the driver seat only when the vehicle is not moving. To adjust a manu


 Arrows and Symbols, Acronyms and Units

ARROWS AND SYMBOLS This service manual uses various symbols in order to describe different service operations. Front of Vehicle View Detail Ambient Air Mixed with Another Gas or Indicate Temperature Change Motion or Direction View Angle Dimension (1:2) Ambient/Clean Air Flow or Cool Air Fl

 DTC P0973 or P0974

Diagnostic Instructions Perform the Diagnostic System Check prior to using this diagnostic procedure: Refer to Diagnostic System Check - Vehicle Review the description of Strategy Based Diagnosis: refer to Strategy Based Diagnosis An overview of each diagnostic category can be found here: r

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