Buick Regal Owners & Service Manuals

Buick Regal: Vehicle Care


 General Information

For service and parts needs, visit your dealer. You will receive genuine GM parts and GM-trained and supported service people. Genuine GM parts have one of these marks: California Proposition 65 War

 Vehicle Checks

 Doing Your Own Service Work

Warning: It can be dangerous to work on your vehicle if you do not have the proper knowledge, service manual, tools, or parts. Always follow owner's manual procedures and consult the service manual fo


 Airbag Side Impact Rear Sensor Replacement

WARNING: SIR Warning. WARNING: Following the deployment of a side impact air bag, inspect the following parts for damage. Replace these parts if necessary: The seat cushion frame The seat recliner, if equipped The seat adjuster The seat back frame Failure to do so may cause future personal i

 Front Disc Brake Pads Replacement (J60)

Removal Procedure WARNING: Brake Dust Warning. WARNING: Brake Fluid Irritant Warning. CAUTION: Brake Fluid Effects on Paint and Electrical Components Caution NOTE: Always replace disc brake pads in axle sets. 1. Inspect the fluid level in the brake master cylinder reservoir. 2. If the brake fluid l

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